Friday, January 22, 2010

iPhone Photo of the Day - This Just Ain't Right!

That's SNOW in my backyard! What's wrong with this picture? I live in southern CA, about 15 miles from the Mexican border, that's what. Granted, I'm 3,500 feet up, but still, this is a clear case of climate oppositional defiant behavior.

One week ago, my nephew and I were in our T-shirts, drinking root beer floats outside at the San Diego Zoo.

What has the world come to? I'm in denial. This is NOT snow. It CAN'T possibly be snow. No way.

Someone call my psychiatrist.

1 comment:

Fern said...

Ha! We're having a "heat" wave - it's been so warm that the ice on the river has softened up to the point that it's no longer safe to walk on.