Thursday, September 3, 2009

Batty or Jazzy - Decisions, Decisions

As you are aware by now, this gorgeous little furball promenaded into my life and decided to keep me. In the process of falling under her spell, I ceded to her dominion of the premises. Thus, only an enchantress name or something regal will do. A friend suggested Sheba, which I modified to Bathsheba, the Bible babe responsible for God visiting calamity upon the House of David. And, of course, I could call her, Batty, for short.

I was all set to go with Bathsheba/Batty when Jen wrote in with the suggestion of Jasmine/Jazzy. The eight-year-old kid next door simply loved that recommendation. So, here I am, four or five days later, still agonizing.

"Poop or get off the litter box," my nameless wonder keeps telling me.

So what is it: Batty or Jazzy?

Readers, I appeal to you. Help!!!

Thanks to all of you thus far. Please respond via posting a comment ...


Amy Peterson said...

I vote for Jazzy (though inside I really still vote for Robbi or Vivi, but she apparently needs something more regal.)

Willa Goodfellow said...

I'd name her Jazzy, but call her Jaz