Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guest Blog - My Bipolar Kaleidoscope

From my good friend, Cristina Romero ...

Have you ever heard the very catching definition of bipolar and depression, as "diseases of perspectives?" I heard that many years ago, and it stuck and has become a focus of my journey.

Another way I've been thinking of it recently as mood disorders is like having a kaleidoscope in your head.

Perspective is everything as to how we connect with the world and with ourselves.


All of these moods result in a totally different perspective/view of absolutely everything inside you and outside you.

Motivation changes with mood.
Eating changes with mood.
Love for ourselves and others changes with mood.
Impulse control changes with mood.
Planning changes with mood.
Focus changes with mood.
Hope changes with mood.
Senses change with mood.

Everything changes with mood.

And so if you have a mood disorder, you are living with a kaleidoscope in your head, and you are one of the strongest, most adaptable people in the world because you are capable of all these perspectives. The trick is to learn when to embrace the perspective and when to sustain it in mid-air in your mind, hold your breath and rotate the kaleidoscope tube until the next image comes into view.

From my kaleidoscope to yours ...

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John McManamy said...

Hey, Cristina. Mine's a "collide-o-scope."