Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day News

Happy Mother's Day, mothers of the world and mothers-to-be. I have some personal news that I have been waiting for the right time to share. Here it is:

My daughter Emily is going to be a mother!

Which will make me a grandfather. She phoned me about two months ago from New Zealand, where she and her husband live. The baby is due in early October. Of course, this is the best news I've had since a time long ago and far away when I found out I was going to be a father.

Like any grandfather-to-be, I am concerned about the postpartum mental health of my daughter, and you can read my thoughts on this in Katherine Stone's Mother's Day Rally for Mom's Mental Health on her excellent blog, Postpartum Progress. The Rally features 24 "warrior moms" posting their thoughts throughout the day to new moms. (Scroll down the various entries to get to mine, but please read the other contributions.)

My daughter was born in New Zealand (I lived there for 11 years), grew up there, and calls it her home. Last year, in March, I attended her wedding there. She is the best daughter in the world. Out of respect for her privacy (and that of her family), that is all I will disclose about her. From time to time, I will bring you up-to-date on my life as a grandfather-in-progress.

And, of course, I will share the news when the big day arrives.

So to my daughter Emily, as well as my own mom and Emily's mom, plus all moms and moms-to-be - you are the best. You deserve our love and support. There is no such thing as a day off for a mom. So as well as wishing you a happy Mother's Day, my best wishes to you all the other days of the year, as well.

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Krista said...

Congratulations. I saw the announcement on Facebool. Thank you for the well wishes :)