Friday, May 22, 2009

Judi Chamberlin is Dying, But She is Still Fighting Our Fight

Judi Chamberlin belongs to a generation of antipsychiatrists who got in the face of psychiatry and changed it. Equally, she helped shake patients out of their fatalistic mindset to one of feeling empowered. Judi, 64, is dying of COPD. Her insurer, UnitedHealthcare, has pulled the plug on her home hospice care.

Ironically, her insurer would be paying out far more money for back and forth visits to the hospital.

Judi has dedicated her life to fighting for the dignity of others. Now, she is fighting for her own dignity - the right to die in accord with her simple wishes. But her fight is never her own fight. It's always our fight as well.

Full story in the Boston Globe

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