Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Have Competition!

It seems there are THREE singing bipolar bloggers!

Followers of "Knowledge is Necessity" and Beyond Blue are well aware of the Bipolar Singing Blogger Smackdown between yours truly and Therese Borchard.

Therese got off to a flying start with her "12 Bipolar Days of Christmas" video, but I came right back rappin' to "Gonna Build Me a Tree." (See "The Bipolar Singing Blogger Smackdown" here at "Knowledge is Necessity" and on Beyond Blue.)

In the next round, Therese and her smiley faces thought they had me smoked with "A Few of My Favorite Things," but me and my gorilla homey, we were ready with my bluegrass "Recovery Anthem."

In the process, I invented a new hybrid music form that combines the worst of bluegrass and rap - "bluecrap."

Now Therese informs me we have competition - serious competition - Giannakali of Beyond Meds. One quick listen and you will realize that Giannakali and her canine homey have put my sistah Therese and me on serious notice that we need to lift our games.

Otherwise it's Metamucil and retirement for us.

Okay, Giannakali and homey: You may have wiped the floor with my face this round, but next time I'll be ready. Therese, too. You may think you have your howls and yowls down pat, well I got news for you - I have a didgeridoo that I can't play. You just wait.


Gianna said...

ha ha!! this all came as quite a shock...I did not enter myself into this game but it's an awful lot of fun being included...


John McManamy said...

Thanks for being a good sport, Gianna. Glad to have you included. :)