Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bipolar Singing Blogger Smackdown, Part 2!

No question about it. My fellow bipolar blogger Therese Borchard of Beyond Blue came out swinging in Round One. In this - Round Two - she clearly decided to put me away. Call her butter 'cuz she's on a roll, this bipolar babe, she definitely smokin'!

But wait ... Little did she know - this manic mcman, he know how to turn smoke into B-B-Q!

Hope you got your rope-a-dope down for Round Three, Therese!

Soon coming to Pay Per View ...


Therese Borchard said...

"My brain quit on me" was your best line. "My brain keeled on me." That was good too. Alright, so it was good. You obviously have more video skills than I do, so that's not really fair. I like the lyrics but I think you need to belt them out more. You know, like me! And how did your produce this in 10 minutes time? Something tells me you have a freezer full of these ready to unload. Me? I have to cut out all the damn personal shields and smiley faces for every production. It's a week of prep time.

So give me at least a week. :) Nice job. Well done, as they (those with normal brains) say! t

John McManamy said...

Rollin' in the aisles, Therese. But it is you with the unfair advantage - you're definitely much better looking than I am!

I appreciate all the pre-production that went into cutting out those smiley faces. But look what I went through auditioning all those gorillas.

Clearly, the public will be demanding we do a music video together. Think about it. We could be the next Captain and Tennille!

Anonymous said...

hmmm this would be nice to read about if I could turn off my brain for about 5 minutes... its either I know all the answers to the universe one moment then .....what??? the next :D