Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now Available as a Paperback

From Therese Borchard, author of Beyond Blue:

I kept saying to myself, "Did he just write that?" "Did he really just write that?" until I got to the third chapter and expected the pages ahead to be full of the same playful, entertaining .... um .... original prose that preceded it.

Anyone can jot down the bizarre thought patterns that are floating between their brain lobes. I guess what makes McManamy different is that he has taken a tour of Dante's Inferno and, while there, jotted down some funny notes that people who had been to Dante's Purgatory--or maybe even the first layer of hell--might appreciate, read in the bathroom, or digest like their favorite comics because the stories simply make them feel better. They are written by an intelligent man who has suffered and has been able to translate that suffering into hysterical laughter.

Funny is good. And this man's outrageous stories make me laugh. Sometimes they even make me forget about my day's trauma. Now that's a miracle.

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