Thursday, April 1, 2010

Join My NAMI San Diego Walk Team

Last year, I joined the board of NAMI San Diego. Most of us are aware of NAMI and what it does. Whether you live in San Diego or Cincinnati, chances are you or a member of your family has contacted your local or state NAMI seeking information or support.

I know my family did when I went into crisis in Connecticut 11 years ago. I also know it brought my family peace of mind.

Since then, I have been peripherally associated with NAMI. I’ve attended conferences and fundraisers, I’ve spoken to various local groups, I’ve contributed pieces to their publications and websites. Then, last year I rolled up my sleeves and got involved.

Anyway, NAMI San Diego has its annual walk coming up on April 17th in Balboa Park. As well as being our biggest fund-raising event of the year, it also sends a strong message to the community. Here’s the deal:

I’ve formed my own walk team, McMan’s Silly Walkers. Those of you living in southern CA are cordially invited to join me. Be there, be square, be silly. Sign up and get your friends to sponsor you. For info on joining my team, check out my Team Walk Page.

For those of you interested in sponsoring me, you can go to my Personal Walk Page and make an online donation. Trust me, you have my personal word that this is money very well spent.

Also, location is not an issue. Yes, I encourage you to contribute to the NAMI in your locale, as well. But if you support the work I do here, I also encourage you to show your appreciation by sponsoring me on my NAMI San Diego Walk.

Go to the NAMI San Diego website for more info.

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