Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Back in the mid-seventies, I endured 12 months of unremitting Stygian gloom in Vancouver BC. That was my introduction to seasonal depression. Trust me, after that I have never taken the sun for granted. Moving to southern CA three years ago truly made me appreciate the central role of fresh air and sun on my psyche. This Saturday, on a visit to LA, a good friend and I paid a visit to the Griffith Observatory, which has three telescopes pointed at the sun. Above is a view into the sun from the Observatory grounds. Following is my iPod tribute to my favorite celestial orb:

The observatory at twilight.

You gotta love WPA-era art. Above: looking up into the newly-restored domed ceiling.

I'm not totally sure on this, but I think this is a live view of the sun via a telescope feed.

Break out the sunscreen. Solar flares are powerful enough to influence the earth's weather.

Whew! First time I read this, I thought it said a few MILLION years!

See? No such thing as global warming.

Where would this guy be without a sun to work with?

In the blink of a cosmic eye ...

The sun on a night off. The lights of LA below.

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