Saturday, December 27, 2008

Know Thyself

I coined the term, "Knowledge is Necessity," nearly 10 years ago, soon after I started writing about my illness. It was - and still is - my mission statement. It's the reason I am here. I ended every one of my email Newsletters with the phrase, and it featured on my Website. Now it is the name of my new Blog.

Way back, I was simply referring to the necessity of becoming our own experts. I had already learned the hard way that our illness shows no mercy on the ignorant.

Over time, I came to realize there was an additional dimension to "Knowledge is Necessity." It's called "Know Thyself." We may have all the book knowledge in the world, all the street knowledge, but the simple fact is all the accumulated wisdom on the planet means nothing without self-knowledge.

Who am I? I had to keep asking myself. It's a question I'm still asking ...

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