Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Personal Note

I'm head down, ass up, putting together an ebook I plan to self-publish as a Kindle edition. I'm aiming to get the book out in two weeks. The book is based on a number of my pieces here at Knowledge is Necessity. It will be a humorous memoir with the title, "Raccoons Respect My Piss (But Watch Out For Skunks): My Funny Life on a Planet Not of My Choosing That I Eventually Came to Call Home."

I know - I need to make the title longer.

I will be posting reruns this week, and - of course - updates on my forthcoming book. Thanks for bearing with me, and stay tuned ...


Cathy K. said...

I am looking forward to your book, but having a hell of a time letting you know it!

John McManamy said...

Thanks, Kathy. Got your message, and many thanks for your interest. :)