Friday, June 10, 2011

Brain Dead From The International Bipolar Conference

Above is a sample of what I sat through this morning in Pittsburgh. The slide was from one of three talks in a symposium entitled "Cognition (Basic and Functional)," otherwise known as "Ten Thousand Ways Our Brains Are Messed Up." My coffee failed me this morning, so I have a lot of personal insight into this sort of stuff. Basically, I droop on the Stroop, bad reporting on the Wisconsin Card Sorting, total lack on the N-back. As for following the talk ...

Chill break in my room right now. Then out to a dinner function. I'm flying out tomorrow and will have a lot of cool stuff to report on when I get home, provided the airline doesn't lose my brain. (Don't laugh - the airline once lost my sun tan, but that's a different story.) Over and out ...


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Have been following a circular or should it be spiral tracks endeavouring to comment on a (relatively) recent post…but to no end, so far.

Failing that, I did come across this piece from the New Scientist – just published - which may be of interest as I think its on an issue you have a strong view … ifs it of interest and you have a moment at all between everything!

Its "Bipolar kids: Victims of the 'madness industry'?"
found here;


Moira said...

Thanks for the link. The author appears to be from the gonzo school of journalism like Hunter S. Thompson. I'm glad to find him.

How about pets as victims of the madness industry? Here's a fine article about pill popping pets from The New York Times magazine: