Sunday, March 27, 2011

Repeat: There is Always a Somewhere

This morning, I received news that a good internet friend, Katy, lost her life to suicide. She was in her thirties. (See my previous post.) I put this suicide prevention video together in Oct, 2008, within one month of my dear personal friend Kevin losing his battle to his illness. He was 28.

Katy was one of the first to offer me her condolences.


Moira said...


Thank you for letting us know.

Here's where we ask if knowledge is necessity. Katy had all the knowledge in the world about bipolar disorder. She networked with more bipolar groups across the Internet than anyone else I know. She and Stephen Fry were friends. He trusted her to administer his website...She was doing important work on bipolar disorder that benefited us all.

I'm sorry to see her go this way, but there's no shame to it. She fought long and hard to live.

John McManamy said...

Hey, Moira. I'm constantly asking myself the same question. Katy had all the knowledge. Plus intelligence, plus she had no shortage of people she could turn to for help.

And you're right. There is no shame. She was always a fighter and an inspiration. And she will continue to inspire us.

Tony the cretin said...

Sorry about your good friend. Truly sad. I am speechless. May she find peace.

Lizabeth said...


I am very sorry to read about your friends. Before I got sick I was an RN and I believe that your friend, just like all the seriously ill people I looked after, are now safe with a loving God. They are probably asking Him for a few explanations.

I tried to post a slightly different comment but I think cyberspace ate it---if you get both just choose one.

John McManamy said...

Thanks, Tony, thans, Lizabeth.