Saturday, March 13, 2010

Desert Wildflowers!

Today I drove 90 minutes to the Anza Borrego Desert for a photo safari with a camera I paid way too much money for. But who cares when the flowers are popping like this? Above, a crimson-tipped ocotillo.

I'm always amazed at what winter rains can do to a desert floor.

I must have checked out hundreds of this type of cactus. This was the only one that had a bloom on it.

I was driving up a mountain road on the way home. Suddenly, something yellow caught the corner of my eye. I screeched to a stop and scrambled up the rock face. Literally, this was the only thing in bloom as far as the eye could see on this desolately beautiful moonscape. I think it's an agave plant.

Barrel cactus in bloom.

Technically, there are no flowers on this ocotillo. But who needs flowers with this kind of light?

You want flowers? I'll show you flowers. Check out the bloom on this ocotillo.

A desert bouquet


Anonymous said...

wow. such beauty in the simplest of places. thanks for sharing and reminding us that the desert that can sprout flowers is also like our life. In the dull moments of our desert lives we are reminded by the beauty of your photos that our wellness is part of striving to find the simple beauties from day to day. Best wishes,,, ps a camera that allows you to share such beauty is worth every penny

John McManamy said...

Hey, Anonymous. "Beauty in the simplest of places." Such a great metaphor for life, isn't it?

Gina Pera said...

Wonderful!! I just returned from AB, too. I'll share with you on FB a photo that is remarkably similar to the first one here.

Salander said...

Beutiful! 1m snow where I live ;)