Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grandson Update

Little Teddy, three weeks old.


megs said...

Thanks. He is so adorable.


Louise Woo said...

Isn't it funny what a shocked and awed expression newborns have on their faces? Of course, who wouldn't be shocked and awed to suddenly land amongst us? Some days I still wonder how I'm going to learn to live amongst these creatures.

John McManamy said...

Hey, Louise. Holy crap, who gave you the keys to my mind? When Emily sent me this, I immediately thought of that long last sequence in Space Odyssey that leads to the appearance of the cosmic baby. Check out a still image here:

By the way, I feel like I was born on an alien planet and am looking forward to returning to the planet of my true origin. :)

John McManamy said...

Thanks, Megs. I'm so proud of this little guy. I can't say enough good things about my daughter and her husband