Thursday, August 27, 2009

Name My New Cat

A month ago, I arrived back home from a day of water volleyball and recuperative chilling out only to discover that my cat Bullwinkle was not there to greet me. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. The little furball literally attaches herself to me like velcro. Every morning at 3, she would demonstrate the strength of our karmic bond by climbing into my bed and affectionally jamming her paws into my eyeballs.

I acquired her as a kitten some 10 months earlier. She is not the type to run off. I live 3,500 feet up in the mountains and not all the animals are friendly.

A friend asked me if I wanted another cat. No, I said, still grieving Bullwinkle. I'm not ready. Same answer to another friend.

Two weeks went by.


A very sad meow. Bullwinkle? Couldn't be.

I looked out. Nothing. Then another meow.

Hey, Little Guy, I called out. A huge pair of pointy ears connected to a tail walked into view.


The poor little thing looked like she (definitely a she) hadn't had a bite to eat in weeks. I grabbed a handful of dry food intended for Bullwinkle and emptied it into a dish and set it outside the door, along with a dish of water and a dish of milk. The food was gone in a micro-second, along with a second helping.

Then the little waif walked in the door and made herself at home. In nothing flat, she was sleeping on my lap. That night, she curled up in bed with me.

That was two weeks ago. This little furball isn't going anywhere. Ready or not, I have a new cat in my life. Time to set up an appointment with the vet. Time to give her a name. That's her in the picture. Names, please? Comments below ...


Anonymous said...

How about Gracie? When I was having a hard time in my life my cat was always there to listen and tell me how much she loved me. She was my saving Grace.

John McManamy said...

Hey, Anonymous. Great suggestion. The way this little furball came into my life was an act of grace.

Please, everyone, keep the name coming.

Amy Peterson said...

This cat has a story, no question. All I kept thinking is "that is a strong kitty." And "what a survivor."

Robus -- means strength in Latin. You could call her Robbie/Robbi/Robi. Too masculine?

Survivante -- survivor in French. Nickname -- Vivi. (This one is my favorite)

Vitae -- Latin for "life". Viti seems an obvious nickname.

I guess I'm coming up with a lot of pet names for your pet. I'm glad she decided to keep you.

John McManamy said...

Hey, Amy, Robbi/Robbi sounds real cute and appropriate. :)

Anonymous said...

we are very upset and mommy cried over Bullwinkle and we lit a candle for the kitty.

I think you should name her Monkeypants. She is most beautiful and looks like Monkeypants 2.

Elizabeth said...

Look deep into that kitty's eyes, then close yours and take a deep, cleansing breath. The first name that comes to your mind is the right one.

Jeanette Chiapperino said...

She's colored like salt and pepper but pepper definitely dominates her coat. How about Pepper? Definitely a strong flavor and she's a strong survivor.